The year started with decreasing bank account costs

As you have become accustomed to, we will be following our significant and interesting changes in bank offerings on our blog. Let’s see what the beginning of 2015 brought and the changes in bank accounts.


Further discounts for HappyOne Bank Accounts

bank accounts

At ASA Bank, as of February 1, 2015, the discounts associated with each bank account will change, to the benefit of customers. In the case of HappyOne2 and HappyOne3 Bank Accounts, the number of free transfers will be increased by one (2 and 3), and the maximum value limit for discounted transactions will be raised (to $ 200,000 and $ 300,000, respectively). In the HappyOne4 Bank Account, the maximum amount is increased to $ 400,000 for unlimited free transfers.


They also give you a credit in addition to the $ 0 account management fee

They also give you a credit in addition to the $ 0 account management fee

For the new Card Account Packages opened between 2 February and 30 April 2015 as part of the new CEB Bank promotion, the account management fee for the month of account opening and for the next 5 months will be 0 USD .

The other half of the promotion is quite complex, and you should be aware that before and during the promotional period, Card Account Packages will work the more you buy with your card, the more you will be reimbursed for the monthly account management fee. Now, the promotion is a $ 0 account management fee, which is no longer refundable, which is why the bank probably screwed it up.

Depending on the use of the card in the previous month, the customer will receive a monthly credit within 5 months of opening the account (a total of 5 times). The amount of the credit is 50% of the monthly fee refund according to the standard terms and conditions of the Card Account Packages. The amount of credit is determined by the number of monthly card purchases.

Let’s look at an example. Now let’s examine the middle of the 3 levels (Minimum, Medium, Maximum), the Medium. If you open a new Card Media Account Package during the promotional period, you will not be required to pay an account management fee during the first 6 months (including the month of account opening) and in addition to this discount, your bank will credit a certain amount to your account, or credit card. If our card purchases amount to at least 10 (but less than 20) each month, then the basis (standard refund rate) is 665 forints, which means that over a period of 5 months, $ 332.50 will be credited, our account.

In this example, the same staying and playing cards for the Medium Package Account, in case of 20-29 pieces of card purchases per month $ 3325, of at least 30 card purchases are credited to our account written $ 4988.

Of course, an action can at most have an incentive effect, as many aspects need to be considered when making such a decision. However, if you are currently planning to switch your account package or are considering opening a new account, you may want to consider the benefits of the CEB promotion.


3 USD cheaper transfers

3 USD cheaper transfers

Hopen Bank’s announcement effective from the first day of the year states that, compared to the published fees, the fees will be debited to customers’ accounts by 3 USD. Kourse Bank has taken a similar step, reducing its fees for transfers outside the bank by $ 3 from the beginning of February. The reduction applies to both banks on a case-by-case basis and on a regular basis, regardless of whether the transfer is made through a branch, telebank or netbank.


But what could be the reason for these favorable changes?

In the present case, FFB and Kourse Bank pass on the reduction of their own expenses to the customers, since GIRO Zrt. (The operator of the Hungarian Winterbank Clearing System) has reduced its transfer fees as of 1 January 2015. In other words, GIRO Zrt. Is the service through which transfers are made between banks. Of course, there is a fee for this service to be paid by the banks and now this cost has been reduced.

Over the next few months, it is expected that other banks will reduce their Outside Circuit Transfer Fees, which of course is a good thing, even though we can only talk about a $ 3 easing per transfer.


PayPass functional credit cards at constant prices

PayPass functional credit cards at constant prices

To close this year’s review, we report on the development of Sberbank’s credit cards. After January 1st, Maestro bankcards will be created, and after January 15th, MasterCard and MasterCard Gold will be prepared with PayPass. Bank card fees have not changed, so from January the bank’s customers will receive an additional service at constant prices.

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