5 easy ways to save in summer and not regret

For many, summer is synonymous with vacations, either because they have children and they leave school or because they go on a trip for the new year and other parties. But what results from that is that the Christmas season not only becomes synonymous with rest but also a greater expense, so saving seems impossible.

5 recommendations

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However, for those who really want to improve their finances there are no impossible challenges but big ones, so these are 5 recommendations that you can apply to save some money this summer and take advantage to cover those important expenses that you were leaving aside.

1. Save on the electricity bill: 

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If the fans are on 24/7 in your home, it’s time to turn them off. You can close the curtains in the hottest moments to prevent the temperature from rising. You can even open the windows at night to make your house dawn colder.

2. Save at the gym: 

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Everyone wants to get in shape and they end up paying gym memberships that they won’t use for more than three weeks. A valid and cheap option is to download applications for exercises that give you the routine you should follow and that can be done in your room or room.

3. Saving on the diet: 

Before buying all those weight loss products that can be quite expensive, go back to the basics: Fruits, vegetables and water. Find cheap and easy recipes that you can make at home and especially with simple items.

4. Save on ice cream: 

If you are one of those who take ice cream every summer day, your pocket could be seriously affected. Try healthier and cheaper alternatives like the well-known “chups”. Fruit juice that is put in plastic bags and put to freeze.

5. Save on clothes: 

5. Save on clothes: 

Think well before buying seasonal clothes during these months because it will not be cheap at all. A good option is to go to an outlet or wait for the summer to end to buy it. Meanwhile, there are many pants that you don’t wear that can be turned into shorts and that will be much cheaper.

With the money you save you can encourage yourself to open a savings account that pays you good interest. Do not forget, the money you save must be well spent.

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