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Bank account management is a necessary thing for businesses. Many people may feel bad, even though banking is a much more pleasant experience if you think of a bank account package instead of a bank account. Not only is it cheaper to bank, but it also comes with a number of services without a special order or payment. In this article, we have reviewed packages offered by some banks.


Package Deals: Better together than added separately

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A common feature of Whitecoins Bank’s corporate package offers is that each account package contains an increasing number and volume of discounted transactions. For the first 5, 10, or 20 non-bank wire transfers via the Internet, you only need to pay the financial transaction fee (0.3% of the amount transferred, up to a maximum of $ 6000), 1 or 2 bank card cash withdrawals from Whitecoins Bank. And it is completely free of charge in your ATM network. The account packages include many additional services (such as Internet banking or 24-hour customer support) free of charge on a monthly basis, and the discounts are guaranteed, ie they are not subject to traffic or sales requirements.

The monthly fees for Whitecoins Bank’s Corporate Account Packages, which are described below, include the monthly fees for corporate bank account management, Internet banking, SMS notifying transactions and the annual fee for the first bankcard ordered for the bank account package. Depending on the size of the business, we offer three account packages, each of which is covered by the National Deposit Insurance Fund’s payment guarantee in case of deposit freezing.


Raizen Bank awaits its customers with a similar package offer

Raizen Bank awaits its customers with a similar package offer

Active Account schemes allow businesses to choose the most appropriate account package according to their needs and revenue. In fact, if they meet the monthly incoming credit transfer, they will not have to pay for account management at all. There is no incoming transfer condition in the smallest package, just enough to initiate at least 3 transfer transactions to clear the account management fee for that month. The monthly charges for account packages (as set out above) include the cost of applying for a monthly call center, internet banking, bank cash deposit and the cheaper or more expensive SMS package, plus a credit card. Therefore, no monthly or annual fee is payable for these services, even if the monthly fee for the account management package is reset.

For the next 4 consecutive years in MasterCard-organized competitions, the Socially Responsible Bank of the Year award winner Mindanao Bank also sells several account packages that do not require a separate monthly fee for Internet banking and SMS, and three bank account payments. What’s more, in the smallest package, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee at all, you just have to get the expected minimum cash commission from the normal transaction fees. If this fails, the missing commission amount will be paid in the form of an account management fee.


Can also handle the most important banking transactions such as credit transfer


Balance inquiry, deposit management via Whitecoins Mobile Bank and Raizen Mobile App on smartphones running Android and iOS (ie iPhone) mobile phones. For security reasons, the application of Whitecoins Bank allows transfers only to partners registered in the Internet Bank, and the transfer limit is $ 20 million per day. Raizen Bank’s mobile application provides you with an instant exchange rate at a discounted rate, with the sole right to sign. Rates are constantly updated and the user has 30 seconds to accept the offer.

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